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Peripheral Neuropathy & Relief From Diabetic Nerve Pain

Nerve pain affects many diabetics

Nearly 30 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes. Millions more remain undiagnosed and some 55 million are pre-diabetic. Millions of people within these groups already have peripheral neuropathy, or diabetic nerve pain. This type of pain results from a nervous system malfunction set off by the nerve damage often caused by diabetes.

In 1988, researchers began identifying animal models that mimic clinical signs of the ailment. For example, one rat model with nerve injuries has a super-sensitive reaction to a hair tapped on its back paw. Some people with peripheral neuropathy experience a similar reaction. For them, the gentle tickle of a hair feels like burning, stabbing pain.

Once we discover the cause of your pain using nerve conduction studies (NCS), our fellowship-trained neurologist and board-certified pain management specialists offer you a variety of treatments to help reduce neuropathic pain.

Our comprehensive care may include minimally invasive pain blocks, implantation of a spinal cord stimulator, intrathecal pain pumps, physical therapy, behavioral modification and medication management. If interventional care is sought and provided early enough, neuropathic pain can be treated 100% effectively. If treatment is delayed, nerve damage can become irreversible.

In the worst cases, diabetic patients face foot amputation. That’s why Pain Therapy Associates in Schaumburg, Illinois developed a unique amputation prevention program aimed at helping you avoid such a horrendous outcome.

Helping you overcome nerve pain

Over the years, we have accurately diagnosed painful physical conditions in thousands of patients, then successfully controlled or eliminated their pain while improving their quality of life. We have helped people return to work, sports, activities, hobbies and lifestyles. Discover how we can help you, too.

The physicians, including a physiatrist, rheumatology doctor, anesthesiologist and the therapists at Pain Therapy Associates understand your pain. They will work with you to eliminate your nerve pain. In the process, you will learn healthier lifestyle choices that also help reduce or eliminate your diabetic peripheral neuropathy and allow you to function more fully again. More importantly, our amputation prevention program can help you avoid amputation due to irreversible damage to your feet.

Instead of living with pain, talk to us about the best treatment for your personal needs. We’re committed to helping you overcome pain and regain your life. We also encourage and welcome your referrals.

Our patients come to us from Arlington Heights, Elgin, Elk Gove, Schaumburg, Palatine, Hoffman Estates, Wheaton and neighboring communities. For more information about diabetic neuropathy pain management treatments, please call Pain Therapy Associates at 847-352-5511 or use our online appointment request form today!

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Doctor Dachman is knowledgeable and always knows how to help me manage my pain. The staff is very pleasant and professional. I highly recommend this office for care!!


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