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You can’t really enjoy life when you suffer with constant pain. That’s why Pain Therapy Associates established a center where you can find real pain relief; a center where you’ll never be told that your pain is all in your head.

Pain Therapy Associates is a multidisciplinary team of board-certified pain specialists – in rheumatology, pain management, anesthesiology, internal medicine, neurology, physiatry, physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic medicine, acupuncture and Eastern medicine – all under one roof. All dedicated to pinpointing the real source of your suffering, relieving your pain and restoring your life.

Here, you’ll find doctors and allied health professionals who are trained and experienced in both traditional and alternative pain relief therapies, Eastern and Western medicine. Their goal is to help you overcome or eliminate your pain and give you back your life even if you have tried other pain treatments without success or if you have suffered years of frustration with the inability of standard medical care to help you.

At Pain Therapy Associates, you’ll find caring, compassionate physicians led by Wajde Dabah, MD and has been recognized as a Castle-Connolly Regional Top Doctor in rheumatology for five consecutive years. He has also been honored as one of Chicago Magazine’s Top Doctors and Best of the Best for Chicago Magazine.

Together, Dr. Dabah and his colleagues have already helped well over 30,000 chronic pain sufferers since 1982. Together, they can help you, too. Using a wide variety of traditional and alternative therapies, Pain Therapy Associates can help people with over 150 different pain conditions.

We serve the communities of Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Elgin, Elk Grove, Palatine, Hoffman Estates, Wheaton and nearby areas. To schedule a referral or appointment, please call our pain management specialists at 847-352-5511 or use our online appointment request form today!

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Neck pain can be caused by any number of things – arthritis, ankylosing and cervical spondylitis (arthritis of the spine), degenerative disc disease and other disc problems, whiplash injuries (often caused by auto accidents) and other types of trauma.


Shoulder pain may be caused by several conditions including arthritis, overuse, muscle tears and hyperextension. Rotator cuff tears are common among athletes and non-athletes. Frozen shoulder is another common condition that causes pain.


Common pain-causing conditions that affect the elbow include arthritis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and another repetitive hand, wrist or arm movements. The elbow is typically less prone to wear-and-tear damage than other joints.


There are many causes of back pain. No matter what the cause is, your back muscles will form trigger points (hard, painful knots). This can cause persistent back pain even after the original cause of the pain has been resolved.


The ankle is subject to pain from arthritis, Achilles tendonitis or rupture, sprains, strains, fractures, gout (sudden, severe attacks of pain, redness and tenderness in joints, especially the joint at the base of the big toe).


Most often caused by different types of arthritis, pinched nerves, bursitis, tendonitis, muscle tears or trauma, hip pain can also be caused by bone cancer, leukemia, osteoporosis or sciatica.


Knee pain is often caused by injuries to ligaments that support the knees, including, ACL, MCL and PCL, cartilage or meniscus tears. Arthritis also affects the knees and causes stiffness and swelling.


Pain can be caused by various forms of arthritis, bruises, stress fractures, peripheral neuropathy (common among people with diabetes), gout and broken bones in the feet.

Our Services

Our Services

Botox® injection therapy, commonly used to relax facial muscles and reduce wrinkles, has also proven beneficial in the treatment of pain. We use it …

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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated

Amazingly, many people still wrongfully believe that “pain is all in your head.” If you experience chronic pain or acute pain, you can attest that pain ...

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Workers’ Comp

Workers Comp

Workers' Compensation, also known as Workmans' Comp, is a state-mandated insurance program that provides compensation to employees ...

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In the News

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Dr.Dabah and his staff are always searching for ways to heal my neck pain. I am happy with the progress we are making as a team. The receptionists are always so cordial.


Doctor Dachman is knowledgeable and always knows how to help me manage my pain. The staff is very pleasant and professional. I highly recommend this office for care!!


Physician Assistants

Physician Assistants

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Yuri Kuklov PA-C

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Massage Therapists

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Ultra Sound Technician

Chris Plonka

Dr. Dabah was recently featured on ESPN radio for
their Sports Medicine Weekly segment.

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